Sites Who used content of Selected Blogger

When you are doing good work then people will see you, Appreciate you, And they will start copying you without thinking a while. the same rule applies in blogging when your content is good people will start copying you.

What if Someone Copies your Content?

it isn't a big problem search engines are now more reading friendly they know who have his own content and who copied Article from somewhere else. then they know who copied and Search Engines will not give rankings to the pages who copied the articles from somewhere else.

So why i am listing these sites if they can't get benefit from my articles?

I am listing this on Selected Blogger because Google will knew it that the content owner is angry on this copying then google will decrease the rankings of these sites.

I am writing a list of blogs which copied my content.

1: Didar Blogger

This site Didar blogger copied my whole site including Logos Articles and About Pages. This man do this shit on 10 May 2020,and he is from bangladesh. his name is didar-ul-islam.

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