Blogger Tutorial for Beginners | Step By Step Guide

Blogger Tutorial for Beginners

Last Updated | 14 April 2020

Blogger Tutorial for Beginners

Blogger is a service that allows users to publish single or multi-user blogs. You can open your own blog/site very easily and without cost. This Blogger Tutorial is just a try to give you a complete knowledge Step by Step about it.
In this tutorial we will learn all basics and primary knowledge about google's blogger.


Blogger, also known as Blogspot, is a blog publishing service platform owned by Google where users can create a blog for free. It was created for the people who can make a blog without writing a single line of code.

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Why you trust on this Blogger Tutorial

We make this Blogger Tutorial for you so let's get started  First We Will Explore the whole blogger's dashboard!

Blogger Home

Go to and click on sign in or create your blog both will do same then sign in with a Google account.After sign in click on create new blog and name your blog and set web address as you want.

Blogger Dashboard Tutorial

Blogger Dashboard

New  post: When you click on this button a new window opens then you have to write content same as MS word! we will discuss new posts section Later!
Publish Button: If you have a draft post on your blog, then you have to select it with a tick mark and click publish your selected post will be published.
Label icon: If you select any post/posts then you can give a specific label to all selected post/posts with clicking on this label icon.
Revert to draft: If you have a published post then you can get back that post to edit.with revert to draft button
Delete Icon: You can delete the selected post with this button.
All labels button: you can see the posts in the selected label.
Search: you can search posts with search button.

Blogger Post Tutorial

We have done blogger's home and dashboard! and now in this Blogger Tutorial it's time to explore blogger's new post section.
Blogger Post Tutorial

1=Title:This is your blogger post's Title here you will write your post's title same as I have written my post's title "Blogger Tutorial for Beginners"
2=Compose: There are always 2 ways to write on blogger 1st is simply write same as MS Word without any problem and second is do coding so with compose option you can easily write article without any problem.
3=HTML: If you need to insert any code or embed any video then you should use this HTML button
4=Undo/Redo: If you created a mistake or you have do anything by mistake you can undo or redo that thing you were made.
5=Font:Google's blogger offers so many different fonts you can easily change fonts for your post you can also change fonts from blogger template's settings.We will talk on this matter later.
6=Font Size: Font Size is the size of text you have written. You can Resize your Text's size. 
Example: This is Normal Size. This is Smallest Size. This is Largest Size.
7=Text Format: Text format is just like a separator. you can define headings, subheadings and minor headings with this button. the format you are reading is normal. the heading of this section is H! heading.
8=Bold: It used to make your text Bold: 
Example: This is Bold Text.
9=Italic:It used to convert your text to italic Letters.
Example: This is Italic text.
10=Underline:This option is used to underline any part of your text.
Example: This is Underlined Text.
11=Strike through : This option is used to cross any part of your can add strike through on a line to define that this is wrong.
Example: This is a sentence with strike through.
12=Text Color:  This option is used to change your text color .
Example: This is Red color text. This is Blue color text. This is Green color text
13=Text Background Color: This option is just like text color here you can change your text's background color.
Example: Text with Red background. Text with Blue background. Text with Green background
14=Link: With this option you can insert link in any of your post to external or internal site.You can also customize the link's color and font.
15=Image: With this option you can insert image in your blogger post just like i inserted on the starting of this blogger tutorial.
16=Video:You can insert video on your blogger post with this option you can Upload video or embed your YouTube video or you can search for video you want to embed.
16.5=Emoji: With this option you can add special characters and beautiful emoji's in you blogger post. 
Example These are Emoji's:☝✊👈👤👦👯👮💃💖😅😔😝🙌
17=Jump Break:If you added email subscription to your blog and your have too much email subscribers and you want to show small piece of post in 'Emails' then you have to add this jump break after that piece of your Blogger  Post.
18=Alignment:With this option you can align you text to center ,left or right.
19=Number and Bullet Lists:This option is used to make lists in your Blogger post.
Bullet List:

  • This is Bullet List of your Blogger post
  • This is Bullet List of your Blogger post
  • This is Bullet List of your Blogger post
Number List:

  1. This is Number List of your Blogger post
  2. This is Number List of your Blogger post
  3. This is Number List of your Blogger post

20=Quote: Quote is just like to show special word in a special format.This option is used to show quotes of different peoples.
This is a Quote in this Blogger Tutorial
21=Remove Formatting: This option is used to remove all format or design of your post.
22=Label: You can add Labels according to your Blogger post. Labels are just like categories. Labels are use to describe the category of your Blogger Post.
23=Schedule:This option is used to schedule your blogger post's publish date and time.
24=Permalink: To get rank in Google Permalink is also a main factor. You can customize your Blogger post's Permalink with this option.
25=Location: With this option you can add the location where this post was published,Exactly your location or city name.
26=Search Description:Here you can add description of your article to show in Google Search Results.
Blogger Search Description
The more Effective your search description = More chances to Rank #1 on Google.
27= Options: With this option you can allow or disallow comments for your blogger post.
28=Save: With this option you can save your post without publishing. With blogger's new functionality you don't need to save your post after every 2 minutes because of new version of blogger, Blogger save your post after every  minute automatically. This option is Great!
29=Preview: Oh yeah we have written a full article, now it's time to preview it click on preview button and see how your article looks to your blog readers.
30=Publish: Easily Publish your Post :)
31=Close: Now it's time to close this post section and go to Blogger Stats Section in this great Blogger Tutorial.

Blogger Stats

Stats are the key to become successful we are going to discuss blogger stats now but we have to know that the Google has changed the layout of blogger on the end of 2019 so we will discuss on both 2 layouts the new layout is very impressive and understandable.

1:New Stats Layout

Whwn you click on stats this type of layout will open
 There are number of email followers comments and post on the top of the stats section.
Then there are the stats of your blog filtered by today, yesterday, this month, last month, and all time
Then there is the stats of latest post.
Now scroll more then you will see this
Here the total views of your blog till 7 days will be shown.
now scroll more then you will see this.
Here the page views of posts and pages will be shown for the last 7 days

2:Blogger's Old Stats

When you click on stats this type of interface will open you can see the overview of your traffic and you can also check every thing ex: posts traffic,traffic sources and traffic regions anonymously by clicking More>> .
Blogger's Old Stats

1=Posts: this shows you the views of your posts.
2=Stats: this will show you the historical rise and fall of your site's traffic.
3=Traffic Sources:This will show the source page of traffic/visitor. 
4=Audience:This will show you the region of the visitor.ex:country name
5=Time Filter: You can filter the stats for the specific time.
Blogger's Stat Section is done but i have to tell you that:
Blogger stats count page views it doesn't count exact visitors so i suggest you to use google analytics for Stats.
Learn: How to Connect Google Analytics To Blogger 

Blogger Comments,Earnings And Pages Tabs

1:Comments Tab

Here you will see Comments Posted  on your Blog. you can also moderate your blog's comments.


In earnings tab you can apply for google adsense if you get qualify for it after adsense approval you will start earning money.


You can easily creates pages on blogger.pages are similar to posts. the difference between pages and post is that you are reading a post now and if you want to contact me or learn more about me you will use Contact or About Page.
Create these pages on your blog these pages are important in blogging.
  • About
  • Contact
  • Privacy Policy
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Disclaimer

Layout Tab

Blogger Layout

Layout Tab is the Extreme and Most interesting tab in Blogger.
You can customize the following things:
Favicon: Favicon is an image which will show in browser's top
Header Image: Header image is the branding of your blog.This image will show on the top of your blog an eye catchy image will be perfect for this subject.

If you want to change your main menus then click on main menu widget and adit as you want, Just like below image:
Change Main Menu
You can drag and drop the widgets of your site more easily
Image Credits: Nafran

It's all done you can easily customize your blog's design with layout panel.

We will update more Soon.....

Why you Trust on this Blogger Tutorial?

You need to trust in this blogger Tutorial Because..
  • I have Spent more than 8 hours on writing this!
  • I have Learned all this with a period of more than 1. year!
  • And this Blogger Tutorial is 100% Trust worthy for you!
If you have Trust then we have Worth!

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6 March 2020: Initial Publish
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